D.A.T.E. Details


D.A.T.E. is simply the acronym of the names of the four young founders of the project: Damiano, Alessandro, Tommaso, Emiliano. D.A.T.E is an Italian brand with a vintage British style. In 2005, the four founders met up in London, all feeling unsatisfied in their current jobs with a shared passion for footwear, they decided to give themselves the ambitious project of creating their own range of sneakers.

Despite various difficulties, they succeeded in completing their first collection, made up of just a few pieces. Picking up old machinery, they created a workshop in a garage and met up there every evening after work. They spent the summer working through the day and night to successfully get the job done and pull through on their deliveries.

In January 2006, thanks to a favour from a friend, they were able to invite guests to display their collection in a small studio space. Because of their craftsman’s feel, the first D.A.T.E. collection charmed the public and became a real success!



D.A.T.E styles are kept effortlessly casual with a cool-girl aesthetic in mind and minimal approach to designs. We stock a range of different sneaker styles by D.A.T.E, from chunky soles to more sleek slip-on shapes, the designs are unique and made to stand out from the crowd.



All the trainers are created with deep attention to detail and made from carefully selected Italian materials using traditional production methods. The use of bold expressive detailing such as animal prints, metallic finishes and playful pops of colour are commonly seen on D.A.T.E trainers. We love the variety of the brands styles and how there unique designs can elevate absolutely any outfit, not only do they look amazing, but they are also insanely comfy!