New Spring Knitwear Arrivals
Get ready for spring and refresh your wardrobe with some of our gorgeous new knitwear pieces! We are delighted to share our latest range of lightweight, super soft, cashmere pieces from US based brand Kinross. 
We're embracing colour this season with beautiful bright shades that will give your wardrobe an instant update! The brand's luxury styles offer an effortless elegance and timeless style for everyday living. 
If you prefer a neutral palette don't worry we have you covered!  Henry Christ offers beautiful soft shades in the most luxurious cashmere. Available in flattering, feminine shapes, we recommend pairing our knitwear pieces with your favourite denim and trainers for an easy & effortless, yet beautifully finished everyday look!
The premium cashmere pieces from both Kinross and Henry Christ are designed to ensure the finest quality and are hand crafted for you to wear & enjoy!
Caring For Your Cashmere
Always check the care label before washing your cashmere. Hand-washing is the best and most gentle way to wash your knitwear, use cooler water to prevent abrasion and pilling and add to the longevity of your favourite knitwear!
Washing machines are not as gentle even when using the 'hand wash' setting on your machine, so we recommend washing your beautiful pieces by hand. Plus only wash your knitwear when absolutely necessary and try not to over-wash, sometimes a little airing is all that is needed for your knitwear to get that fresh feeling again!
After washing your knitwear leave to dry on a flat surface on a towel for 24 hours to avoid any stretching or losing shape in your cashmere. Allowing your knitwear to dry naturally this way will help it to maintain its shape. Never tumble dry your cashmere, it will shrink!
To ensure your cashmere stays beautiful we would recommend airing your knits after every wear and laying them flat for a while before storing them as this helps to air and get rid of any odours. Make sure to store your knitwear in a cool and dry place.  We recommend storing your cashmere folded in a drawer and avoid hanging your knitwear to help maintain its shape and to avoid stretching it.
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As always if you would like any help regarding sizing, fit or style then please don't hesitate to get in touch or pop into our store where our friendly & knowledgable staff would be delighted to help.